Parent/Caregiver & Toddler

Baby Arabia Mother/Father or Caregiver & Toddler class is a play based Arabic/French & Spanish Program. You’ll have fun learning alongside your little one as we play, read stories, craft and sing in Arabic/French & Spanish. You’ll be surprised how much they absorb during an interactive language class to support mother tongue or to learn. This Baby Arabia Arabic class is designed for babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers.

A Typical Class includes:

  • Story-time
  • Music, Singing & Dancing
  • Games & Movement
  • Crafts & FUN!

Private/ Semi-Private/ Groups

All available face to face and or On-line dependant on availability. We can also tailor classes for groups of children within your community organized by yourself (parents).

Arabic & ART

3-5 years  (Recommended for Children of Arab descent with at least one parent at home speaking Arabic) Maximum of 8 children only for this class.  This program will be a different theme and art activity weekly that will encourage the children to speak whilst in action in an art studio with a Baby Arabia Teacher and an Art Teacher.  This class is about BEING in the language. (ARABIC ONLY at this time)

Language Group Classes – Arabic/French/Spanish

4-8 years Weekly Playful themes for everyday living with lots of arts & crafts, movement & music, and games. Academic classes. Private and On-line

Conversational Classes for Mother tongue Speakers (Arabic, French, Spanish & Russian)

This is recommended for children 6-14 years. This encourages children to focus on Speaking and conversing in a language they may study & understand but don’t have the opportunity to speak. Children get to use the language through normal conversation in the privacy of their own home -one on one- gaining fluency and confidence. This program is only offered on-line in 30 minute slots.

Webinars for Parents, Schools and Nurseries

Will give parents an overview of the development of two or more languages in children and how you can support them. How do Children Become bilingual/trilingual, what’s the parents role and activities that help boost language skills, We answer questions such as: why do children prefer one language over the other? Does having more then one language slow down language development? Can a child cope with three languages? Should we have a strategy when choosing which language to speak to our child? Is it ok to switch language in conversation? Etc and we also answer questions to your specific needs.

Language Journey for Families

Consultation for parents who want a plan for their family and are looking for advice tailored to their specific needs. Learning about the different ways language is learned, taught & maintained – why, where, how & when.

Arabic Multi Activity Program

Age 3-6 years. Lifestyle Learning – This is a combination of different activities having fun whilst using motor skills and organised play. During the sessions we speak Arabic to teach our learn through play language program. The session is a combination of Crafts/Music/Games & Movement. The games will be to get the children to enjoy interaction in Arabic and the usage of the language.