Baby Arabia has developed a learn through play program to introduce and teach languages. This is done by exposing children to the target language and offering them different ways of interacting and responding before speaking.

Our program ages:

  • 12 months-2 years (Babies) years Parent/Caretaker & Toddler for natives and non-natives focus on music, words, sensory play and movement all in the target language.  Relaxed and playful environment for parent & baby.
  • 2-3 Years (Tots) – Music, games & Props
  • 4-6 years (No parent required) Weekly Playful themes for everyday living with lots of arts & crafts, movement & music, and games.
  • 6-8 years  (Recommended for Children of Arab descent with at least one parent at home speaking Arabic) Maximum of 8 children only for this class.  This program will be a different activity weekly that will encourage the children to speak whilst in action be it through fitness – music – arts & crafts – cooking.  This class is not about teaching but BEING in the language. (ARABIC ONLY at this time)
  • One paid trial Class is allowed after which you can join for the term.