Lessons conducted by our teachers

Our inclusive program is where we deliver the lessons in your nursery, using our team of trained teachers.

This delivery option is extremely flexible. You can trial the program for a term and see if it works for you and then if you are pleased we can continue for the rest of the academic year.  The agreement is based on hours and if there are holidays or you wish to cancel a class you don’t get charged (cancellation of classes with 24 hours’ notice). The program involves lessons as per your needs within an academic year.

Lessons conducted by your teachers

Your nursery can license Baby Arabia Program into your center which will give you our, all the props, materials and plans you need to start running classes (per term), Usage of Baby Arabia brand name and logo, Teacher Training combination of workshop and Teacher in Class, ad access to class programs.

Whichever programs you choose, we will work with you to implement the programs in your nursery or school so that they become an integrated part of your service.

Our programs include:

  • Fully trained teachers who deliver engaging, dynamic and educational lessons
  • Morning and afternoon sessions available to fit with your programming
    • We can offer after nursery classes for parents with a minimum sign up of 6 children which will offer parents small group classes of up to 12 children
  • Coaching for the center director
  • Training for center staff – Motivational, learn through play, creativity.
  • Marketing support and materials
  • Mentoring and coaching for group leaders