About us

We have developed an innovative lesson structure to ensure consistency, flexibility and efficiency in teaching. Our sessions balance audio, visual and kinesthetic (tactile learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, a” do” approach rather than “be told”.)

This combination of tasks stimulates learning also providing children with a familiar program that they are comfortable with and builds their confidence. Each lesson includes singing, music, games and art to meet the needs of all children and ensure the lessons are varied and interesting. Children love this method of learning.  we consistently introduce and reinforce key concepts and vocabulary to ensure language acquisition and retention.

Who we are

Baby Arabia activities are not just about language but also developing central early childhood skills such as self-confidence, reasoning, listening, creativity, socialization and motor coordination, such as story telling, music, drawing, counting and movement.

Depending upon the location, there is a choice of kids “ALL TOGETHER” with ages 1 Year – 3 Years in Parent & Toddler or 1 Year – 5 years groups Parent & Child ( This class attracts parents who want siblings of different ages to be in the same class).

Baby Arabia offers:

  • Native-speaking, trained teachers for Arabic, French & Spanish (Ages 1-6 years)
  • Programs that take place at your in Play areas/ Nurseries/ELC as part of your curriculum or your home
  • Teacher/Parent Training “Using the Baby Arabia Method to instruct language learning in a creative and child-friendly way”
  • Parent Workshops on Arabic how to maintain and acquire languages into your home.
  • Multilingual “Talk” for parents on “Encouraging multilingual children at school & at home”- Facts, tips and getting rid of Myths.
  • After Nursery/School Activity Programs
  • Learn Through Play designed program– Hands on, activity-based approach that lets children learn languages easily through play, music, games, and artwork.
  • Private Tuition for Toddlers-2-6 years

We at Baby Arabia believe that the best way to teach language is through play and that is the future and the future of your children.

Our history

“It all started with our son” , Says Nadia Wehbe, Founder of baby Arabia. “When he was very young I was in a Spanish speaking country and decided to join a “Mother and Baby” group. Though I speak some Spanish, I noticed that some of the other mothers who didn’t speak it were not affected negatively. Their babies were happy to be stimulated and the fact that it was not in their native language seemed to be an extra advantage to their experience!”

When Wehbe looked for similar baby and toddler groups in Dubai, she noticed they were mainly in English. None of them were being offered in Arabic. As a child of mixed race parents and being married to a European, Wehbe felt she needed the support of a community to introduce Arabic to her son. She decided to start her own program which currently offers a “Mother & Baby” group but will soon launch other activities such as Crafts, Sports and music – All in Arabic.

“Everyone has different reasons for introducing a language to their child. Mine is simple. I believe offering my son an extra language can only be a positive step in his intellectual and social development – Especially when meeting and understanding people of different cultures”, She adds.