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Baby Arabia is a new approach to multi-lingual learning and enjoyment for preschoolers and their caregivers. The principle is that by introducing a foreign language through a familiar and an enjoyable activity , young children will be more inclined to understand and adopt that language when it is formally introduced in a classroom environment in Primary School.

Children participate in the target language Immersion Games, Teacher-Child Interaction, Visual Aids, Songs, Games & Story time! Baby Arabia playgroups build more than language skills. As little ones handle toys and visual aids, they develop motor skills and coordination. As they participate and interact, they sing & dance, play acts and at the same time build their social skills too.

Our Target Languages

We focus on Arabic, Spanish & French & our groups are suitable for native language speakers. Arabic can be fun, trust us..! Make the most of your time in Dubai and open up your child’s world through our fun interactive program. You and your child will both learn in a fun and engaging environment. Most studies show that speaking a second language boosts cognitive, listening & memory skills





Ghaith used to hate speaking Arabic and attending his classes. His attitude completely changed after starting Baby Arabia. Now he looks forward to his classes and likes the teachers. He learns through having fun and playing. I wish all Arabic teachers in schools can be like Baby Arabia!
- Leila Alami, Participant Parent Dubai

My boys (and I!) loved Baby Arabia from day 1. It offers a rare opportunity for interactive fun in Arabic which is exactly what I was looking for for my boys. Both Zakari and Noah took to Baby Arabia really well and have learned so much Arabic through songs and play. Thank you Baby Arabia. Keep it up!
– H. Allam, Participant Parent Dubai

I decided on Baby Arabia as I was looking for a fun and interactive approach to learning languages. I was not disappointed. My son learned Arabic while enjoying himself and making friends. I believe he is now a more confident Arabic speaker as a result 
– S. Farooq, Participant Parent Dubai

Baby Arabia Awards

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  • Children are so much more skilled at picking up a second language than adults
  • The earlier a child is exposed to a second language the better the child does in that language
  • The brain changes during the teen years making it impossible for an adult to learn a language in the same way that a child does
  • A young child will generally understand more words than they use in general speech
  • Children do not learn language by having an adult continually asking them to name items
  • Children learn languages by hearing words and linking them to "things"
  • We believe this is best done through play, laughter, and song - download our free guide to learn more

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